Casting & Moldmaking - Installation - Sculpture - Woodworking - CNC

- Brooklyn NYC -

Who we are:

​​We are a small business that was started in 2012 in Brooklyn, NY. 

The founders are a husband and wife team who are dedicated to pursuing a diversity of clients, from residential to commercial . Dalymade has a wide range of design and fabrication services, ranging from her 20 years of Graphic Design skills, to his 20 years of fabrication skills. Together they create strong lasting practical designs for our clients. 
We pride ourselves on listening to our clients needs and delivering a superior product within our clients budget.


  • ​Casting & Moldmaking
  • Installation
  • Sculpture
  • Custom Woodworking
  • CNC
  • Prototyping


Jim Henson Company
1 Hotel
Saks Fifth Avenue

The John Oliver Show
Focus America Corporation
Fat Cat Wines & Spirits
Puppet Heap
MASH studios
Tom Otterness
Kara Walker
Creative Time
Public Art Fund