Fully detailed CAD drawings to CNC production. We can design, draft and produce your ideas on our Computer Numerical Control. Materials range from wood, plastic, foam or metal. 


We have installed outdoor sculpture, animated window displays, custom office furniture, custom landscaping and planter boxes as well as custom solutions for urban residential needs.

- Brooklyn NYC -

Casting & Moldmaking - Installation - Sculpture - Woodworking - CNC


We can design and build your 3-dimensional ideas. Dalymade can make a one of a kind piece or a production run of an edition.


We can produce mill work, woodturnings, cabinets, signage and organization for your residence or commercial spaces.

casting & moldmaking:

We can produce both small scale and large custom editions in a variety of materials. Silicone, Urethane resins both rigid and flexible, Gypsum, Clear plastic and foam in any color.